Friday, October 06, 2006

Some of my students' Yom Tov menu

Good food gets good mileage: here is just one of the e-mails I received from a regular student and fan:

ok, I just finished making for sukkot your:

butternut squash soup for 30
lamb mousakka (you didn't mention to make an extra 1/2 pound because it's so delicious right out of the frying pan)
eggplant/pepper tajine- which I make regularly
chicken pastia- oy, work
and your pareve cheescake from my birthday

have I done enough? We have a pretty active sukkot calendar with many people all week. I've been thinking about you the entire time. I need Irina as my sous chef!

Hope you've your yontif and bestwishes for a belated happy, healthy New Year. Peter

Dear Levana:

For this holiday in Pittsburgh, I made your brisket and tiramisu (tofu). Watched everybody lick their fingers and ask for more. Not only did I give you credit but also brought your cookbook to leave with my daughter. Now I need another.
Thanks so much.
A happy and healthy year, a sunny sukkot and a merry simchas torah!
Again, mazel tov on Bella. The pictures were wonderful.

Dear Levana,
Shana tovah. Jenny and I saw Maurice just after Yom Kippur. He was aglow. My very best wishes to you all for a wonderful, healthy, blessed New Year.
I wanted to let you know that your bean soup and pumpkin pudding both received rave reviews. (You were given full credit for all.)
I got your new schedule, and hope to join you for other classes. Alas, I doubt that Jenny will be able to be there. We took her to the airport this AM (5AM to be exact.) I'm excited for her, but it feels very strange already, and am I tired! Sniff.
On another note, I was wondering if you ever gave thought to do a "mushroom" class. There are so many interesting varieties available, and I've never gotten much guidance about their strengths
Just a thought.
Once again love and regards to all,

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