Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mazal Tov!

This proud mother is delighted to announce her daughter Bella's recent engagement, to Meir Pliskin. It seems like only yesterday that I took her to visit a couple of our friends, whose husband is blind and a wizard at all things electronic. As we entered, Michael was standing on his scale, which was telling him the news everyone has so much trepidation about "Your weight is 179 pounds". Bella, a wisp of a child, exclaimed, "This is so cool. The scale is talking to him!" Excited, she in turned stepped on the scale, which announced with great glee, "Congratulations, Michael! You have lost 129 pounds!" Amused, Michael said "Unfortunately, just as soon as Bella leaves, I will gain it all back!" Now Bella is 102 pounds of charm, good humor and kindness, and still beats Michael at the scale game by leaps and bounds. Still, I am sure Michael won't hold it against her and is happy for her!

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