Sunday, June 18, 2006

Smart food shopping

Take a look at the article below. Exactly what I have been exhorting everyone to do. You will never buy retail again, and you will have so much fun shopping!

BUSINESS / YOUR MONEY | June 18, 2006
The Thrifty Millionaire: A Pinch of This and That, and Tasty Savings, Too
Prices for spices in ethnic food enclaves can be far lower than in supermarkets.

Hi, this doesn't seem to have a link. At least can you write the source so we can look it up ourselves? Thanks.
Tracie Rozhon: the thrifty millionaire, in the New York Times. The article's title was: "a pinch of this and that, and tasty savings too", June 18th 2006.
Gosh, I am so computer-illiterate, I thought I had posted the link, but now I see I hadn't, and I still don't know how to post it. One of these days, with a lot of coaching, maybe I will master some of these mysteries!
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