Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My funny Memorial Day weekend

I can't remember how many thousands of demos I have given in my classroom as well as around the country. Not only do I always meet wonderful people, but hardly a week goes by when I don't meet someone who tells me how fondly he/she remembers the demo he/she attended, and how much fun and how delicious it was.
The great exception was this past Sunday, where I was invited at a major appliance store. As always, my hostess and I worked on the menu, I supplied the recipes, the shopping lists, I described the format. Early that morning, After 2 and a half hours in a crowded stiflingly hot train, I finally arrive at my destination. I ask the harried woman at her desk to see my hostess, and she answers me that she didn't want to give up her Sunday with her family. OK, I said, I can deal with that. Who then did she designate to replace her? Nobody, was the irritated answer. And she points to 2 bare plastic tables. Do we have a sink? No. Where is the stove? about half a mile away. Who is working with me? Everyone is busy, she kept saying, and pointed to a lame clerk who kept disappearing every chance she got. Needless to say, it went downhill from there. Wherever I stood, whatever I tried to do, telling myself all the while that the guests are arriving in less than an hour, and trying not to look frantic, I was jostled and, for the most part, ignored. It took me a whole half hour to finally understand that this was going to be a real disaster, and gathering all the pride I could muster, I left in tears. My whole day was ruined, and a dozen times I started writing the store a letter that never left, but the gist of which I would like to share with you: All the high tech appliances in the world will not buy you a sense of hospitality, or a sense of class.
The next day was a perfect Tikkun for that fiasco: my children, nephews, nieces and their babies all came for dinner. The house filled with togetherness, good cheer and good food, and we ignored the thunder and lightning beyond. What nachas! I did end up being a wonderful weekend!

This is the best blog on the internet!!

I love reading about the personal adventures of such a wonderful cook.

The food network should make a reality show based on this blog.

although, i have one suggestion, it would be great to have each post accompanied with a recipe.
Thank you dear anonymous! Do not hesitate to ask me any culinary question, or a recipe. Everyone will share. Have a great yom tov! Levana
I'm reading Julia Child's latest book; which was written with her grandson. In which she reminisces about her life. And, how her book came to be written. An effort of ten years, time.

She, too, remembered to her dying day, the few times the food demonstrations went wrong. And, the person who was hired to be the "hostess" flaked out.

I gather the food demo you were supposed to do vanished? So that people who came to the store to see you had nothing to do but shop, instead?

It's a wonderful story! I hope you can expand on it. It would make a marvelous script for a TV pilot. When things go right you don't get to the comedy at all. CAROL HERMAN
Wow, I am so glad even the "gedolim" have some fiascos to report. What is the title of Julia Cild's book, I would love to read it. Not surprisingly, she is my mentor. She was the master, and nobody on the food channel or beyond comes anywhere close. Honest and no nonsense and no gimmicks, it is just bound to work. It didn't hurt that she was beautiful and charming on top of having golden hands. In my view, she put cooking on the map, once and for all, not as a pastime or a chore, but as a serious discipline that made life delicous and fun and that raised the quality of life infinitely.
If you live in the New York area, I would be delighted if you could join us at one of our demos.
Just a word about your last thought: I beg to differ with you: At all my demos, B"H we get things right AND we get comedy thrown in. Yes cooking and entertaining can be great fun, that's the whole gist of what I do!
I will add the demos are wonderful.
Dear anonymous, who might you be???? I take it you have come to my demos, or you wouldn't comment on them. Whoever you are, I am delighted to see you, and all my other followers!
Dont you recognize the spelling?
Monster! Is that you? I will tell you why I was not positve: the spelling was not abysmal enough! Could it be you are taking an adult crash course in remedial spelling? Wow, it is working!
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