Monday, May 22, 2006

Campari tomatoes

I am sure you have noticed how dramatically the tomato situation has improved around the New York area. It almost got to the point where the pink, mealy and tasteless tomatoes which were almost our only option are now a thing of the past. But there is a tomato that's making a killing, and since its season is so short, I urge you to pounce on it: Campari tomatoes. They are everything a tomato should be, and then some: sweet beyond belief and bursting with color and flavor. This is the greatest tomato I have ever tasted. They come in quart clear plastic tubs, about a dozen to a tub. They are so fabulous that all you need to do to them is either eat them out of hand, or quarter them and sprinkle them with some sea salt. You are in for a fabulous treat!

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