Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chocolate addiction

I used to think people who called themselves chocoholics were just using an addiction they could safely admit publicly. You surely agree with me it is easier, more chic and delicious, to confess "I am addicted to chocolate" than "I am addicted to booze, drugs, and whatnot". Our friend Leeann, who when she lived right in our neighborhood, would come running to my kitchen if I only mentioned a new chocolate creation I had just hatched, was having lunch at my house last year with her family. At the end of Birkat Hamazon, I asked my guests if any of them would like to take home some chocolate truffles. Everyone made some polite answer, but Leeann, who was still benching and couldn't talk, frantically waved her arms and pointed to herself, making urgent sounds: MMMMM, MMMMM. Needless to say, everyone made room for the addict and had a good laugh while they watched her gather all chocolate remains securely in a ziplock bag.
But recently I had the proof first hand that chocolate addiction is REAL, thanks to my granddaughter, two and a half years old, who inadvertently supplied the litmus test. During a recent Shabbos dinner, she was holding her bottle in one hand, and a half banana in the other, sipping and munching contentedly, when I brought in a chocolate mousse. At the sight of the dessert, she dropped everything on the floor, and stretched her arms in distress, screaming at the top of her lungs: "shloclet! shloclet!". What nachas, seeing her run her tongue meticulously all around her mouth to catch the dribblings, rather than let us wipe them off with a napkin, G-d forbid! Now, I ask you, what kind of cynical observer would accuse a baby of some affectation or pretense? Oh, and Leeann, forgive me if I doubted you!!! I guess chocoholics don't age. I miss you, your wonderful daughters, your husband, your chocolate raids. BTW, is it time to replenish your supplies? Or did you wipe out that 11 pound Callebaut Bar?

Friday, April 21, 2006


I just learned how to upload pictures onto my blog. These flowers are a must see!

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