Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kallah Magazine Articles

Here are my most recent articles that appeared in Kallah Magazine. (Scroll down a bit and the three articles appear one after the other.) The most recent article appeared in the Pesach edition:

Looking Forward to Passover Cooking

I grew up in a very modest household but I remember fabulous food at every meal, especially on Pessach. So much so that I actually wait for this time of year to showcase my culinary stars.

So, what’s wrong with me? Instead of looking for Pessach to be over, I wait for it to come around. I can hear all of your concerns about cooking for Pessach: “I have to cook with my hands tied behind my back. Groceries are triple the price. I don’t have my regular amenities at my disposal. This is such slavery, I’ll need a week’s vacation to recuperate and get back to normal.” And on and on… Is this your idea of celebrating freedom?

On the other hand, I am thinking, “This week is my gastronomic week. On Pessach I can go for broke (a life-long habit I am not even trying to shake; why should I? I credit it in great part for making me the cook and hostess that I am). I get to work with only the best and most seasonal ingredients. Here is my chance to streamline recipes and ingredient selections. I get to stay away from bread and rice and ice cream and pizza and other delicious nemeses because they are halachically verboten.” And on and on…. [...] Complete recipes included for: Tilapia-stuffed seabass with watercress horseradish sauce. Roasted garlic artichoke soup. Lamb shanks dry fruit stew. Roasted asparagus. Endive and apple salad with walnut dressing. Almond wine cake with strawberry sauce (read more).

Here is an article from the Purim edition:


Since I only have eyes for kosher, homemade and natural, Purim is perfect time to send a select few some fabulous, homemade, fun and useful goodies (did you say fun and useful? Of course! Absolutely not an oxymoron).

Do you think you have just found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or the perfect raspberry vinegar recipe? Or the best chutney recipe? Well then, be a pal and share it with your friends!

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I think homemade gifts will beat some perplexing …uhh, confections…we find in our baskets. The thing with me is I never lose my head when making a menu, not even when the menu is as simple as what to offer for shalach manos.

This year, for your Purim baskets, let your friends sample some of your homemade creations. Why serve junk when you can, as I always do, start with serious ingredients and end up with fun results?

Here are a few tried-and-true tips on making delectable shalach manos.[...] Complete recipes Included for: Apricot Peach Chutney, Zuchinni Walnut Bread, Teriyaki Sauce, Chai Tea Spice Mixture, and Raspberry Vinegar. (read more)

And finally, an all year pleaser:
The Art of the Brunch

Chefs are a funny bunch. Their idea of a day off is not, as you might think, staying away from the kitchen. Au contraire! I am always amazed when the chef at my restaurant describes the meal he and his wife enjoyed at a different restaurant on his day off or of the dinner party he prepared for friends.

One of my recurrent dreams, as a restaurant owner and cooking teacher, is to open a kosher version of Sarabeth’s Kitchen, the popular chain of restaurants which utilize the best ingredients and serve renowned brunches.

Why do I love the concept of brunch so much? Beside the absence of meat dishes, the kosher brunch dining experience encompasses absolutely everything else at one time.

I call it brunch a toute heure (brunch anytime) And so egalitarian: the lines between breakfast, lunch and dinner are totally blurred, and we are left with one continuous and wonderful meal, with infinite variations, available in short order at all times of day. Including complete recipes for: Zuchini Bread, Fruit Smoothies, Salmon Tartare, Spinach Frittata, Riccota Cream with Berries (read more).

Check out the Kallah Magazine Blog to go behind the scenes of Kallah Magazine.

I've never seen this many amazing recipes available at once. Thanks levana.
Thank you, I think you would really enjoy making them! My first venue for all the recipes I hatch is my classroom at Lincoln Square Synagogue, I have plenty of delighted guests to try them on, and they are more than willing victims. Maybe you will surprise us as well and join us for a demo. Have a great Shabbos, nameless admirer!
Subject: chocolate class

Levana: I really enjoyed the class on chocolate. My only two suggetions are:

eat something first before class so you don't get as much of a sugar high- so you can eat more chocolate!!!!

The items I took home were more delicious after sitting a bit. It should be stressed to everyone that if you thought things were just ok, wait until they become even more wonderful later!

Can;t wait to make all the treats. Peter
Hi Peter,

I guess you are right, that I should recommend guests should eat something before coming to a class as loaded as chocolate, except I suspect most guests want to die and go to heaven for one night, and OD on chocolate. Personally, I took my treats home and enjoyed them the next day in small doses, because I feel as if my teeth would simply walk away if I sampled 6 desserts at one seating.
I also agree with you that some treats gain by "waiting" to cool to become fully delicious, and fully textured, the best example being, our apricot chocolate bars. Cooling allows you to slice into a fully shaped bar, and not a crumbling mass. I really loved the chestnut dessert, to think that you could become so ressourceful from a dried instant version of something that generates so much labor and fuss as chestnuts, and tastes 100 per cent as delicious. I even want to try making "marrons glaces" using dried chestnuts, because while I am on a roll, I am thinking of writing, in the near future, a book on edible gifts, and marrons glaces are a fabulous treat!
Hand-washing: that is simply not acceptable, and I have to be more vigilant.I am a maniac of hand washing, how did this escape me?
On parting, just one more thing: may I recommend you write your comments in the link reserved for writing comments? it will be seen much faster than if you go, as you did here, to a link that is located all the way in the bottom, it has to do with people short attention span and their laziness and reluctance to "scroll all the way down", in the literal as well as in the figurative sense.
Are you coming to our Chanukkah demo? let me know! love to all, Levana
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